Hi, I'm Hasan Ibraheem

I am an organizer with No Tech For Apartheid. Google fired me after I participated in a sit-in calling for Project Nimbus to be dropped.

What is Project Nimbus?

Projct Nimbus is a 1.2 billion dollar contract between Google, Amazon, and the israeli military to provide cloud and AI infrastructure (Time Magazine).

Besides being used by the military, multiple israeli weapons manufacturers and other government branches are required to use Google or Amazon through Project Nimbus (The Intercept)

I didn't want to work for a company directly aiding in genocide against Palestine, so I spoke up against it.

Google is not only complicit, but is directly fueling this AI powered genocide.

What happened in the sit-in?

On 4/16/2024, nine Google employees (me included) were arrested in Sunnyvale and New York. Those in Sunnyvale were sitting in Thomas Kurian's office, the Google Cloud CEO. Meanwhile those of us in NYC were sitting in a common working area. We were there for around ten hours before being arrested for tresspassing.

Google retaliated by firing over 50 employees, some of which had nothing to do with the sit-in. You can hear more about it in our press conference we held.

How are you?

I'm feeling great to no longer work at a company supporting genocide.

Want to learn more?

Want to help?

If you want to offer jobs to the fired fifty, contact notech4apartheid@protonmail.com

Otherwise, email me at hasan @ this domain.